Daddy do you see what you have done?
Bitter poison covertly injected and you - the anaesthetist.
Confusing madness for wisdom - malleable child of so few years.
Your drip drip drip - black wax fills my ears until you are all I can hear.

Volcano erupting - dam bursting - no time to run for cover.
A bottomless pit of disappointment - your face a sour craggy rock - hard and impenetrable.
Blank as walls when the tears fall from this 10 year olds eyes,
Watery jewels that sting, sharp and acrid , blinked quickly away in military style.
Emotions deftly covered , assume the rounded shoulder of defeat .

I will never be free .




  • willyweed

    under the thumb, an excellent work! ww

  • camille

    Exactly what I was trying to say 😊C

  • AlitaOpal

    Masterpiece 💐💐💐

  • camille

    Thanks so much 😊


    Thanks for sharing CAMILLE ~ a very challenging poem. When we are growing up sometimes the ambitions and control of our parents can be quite controlling and stifling. Even causing our true gifts and ambition to be stiffed. Today in the UK (due to high rents and house prices) young people are having to live at home longer ~ even when they have been liberated (to be themselves) at University. Carpe Diem ~ spread your wings and BE FREE ! Your friend BRIAN

  • Tony36

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

  • camille


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