Hi, My Name is Label

Hi, my name is Insecure


I’m the girl who looks like she has confidence

But just sits at the dinner table in silence

As I look at my food just thinking

If I eat this I’ll be bent over the toilet

Looking in the mirror still disgusted

With myself and not even blinking



Hi, my name is Piece of Meat


I’m the girl you think is sexy with no brain

As I dress skimpy but you don’t see the pain

On my face, or when I want to cry

As I walk past men and they look at me

And say that I have a fine ass

Or have good blow job eyes.


Hi, my name is Afraid


I’m the girl who keeps her head down

Scared to look up and see what is around

To hear the people’s whispers

And see the hatred looks

As I feel their eyes burning into my soul

That makes me small and gives me shivers


Hi, my name is Awake


I’m the girl who lived in the closet

Who looked up one day and finally saw it.

Awakened from my reality that was just a dream

Realizing that every light there is darkness

But with every darkness comes light

That every ounce of me is not what it may seem



Hi, my name is Fighter


I’m the girl you thought was done

But only my journey has begun

In finding myself and who I want to be

The girl who loves herself

And spreads joys to other,

Who isn’t afraid to say “I’m just me.”


Hi, my name is Strong


I’m the girl who had no desire

But my despairs were just to fuel my fire

In finding my inner passion on what to do.

To wipe the tears of those

Who have been me

And to say to them “Don’t worry, I got you.”


Hi, my name is Audra…






    WELCOME AUDRA ~ THANKS FOR A VERY POWERFUL AND FRANK FIRST POEM ! More please ! Loved the structure and the fact that each stanza had a TITLE ! That made it (for me) a class poem. My name is: Insecure ~ Piece of Meat ~ Afraid ~ Awake ~ Fighter ~ Strong ~ and finally AUDRA ~ AMEN. I love the very positive progression from Insecure to Strong to Audra ~ self confident and full of self-respect. That how I read the unwritten last stanza ! Loved each verse and glad you found your inner passion ~ thanks for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN

  • camille

    Amazing. Such a heartfelt and inspirational poem

  • willyweed

    Hi my name is this poem is good!

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