The voyage.

The voyage.

Pull up your anchor! depart you must.
Set sail my friend- it's time...
Free yourself from your stagnant rock pool!
Can't you see you've outgrown it ?

Soar like a bird, High and free...
You entered this life pure as a summers day.
Unspoilt, flowing like a river.

You're weary worn it's true .. But still.....!
Will you waste more precious time ?
Sharing your bed with fear and distrust .
Deadly yet alluringly Familiar....

Show yourself to the world ..
You are beautiful!
You are the wind.. The fire.. The rain...
You are the future, not the past.

Walk hand in hand through moonlit trees.
Your companions freedom and love.
Laze by the riverbank ...the silence a joyful gift.
Take shade under the great oak tree..
Surround yourself with light.
In the light lies peace.












  • Tony36

    Wonderful write

  • camille

    Thank you Tony

  • willyweed

    I am Camille! wonderful just wonderful! ww

  • camille

    Wow ... Thanks c🙂


    Thanks CAMILLE for another beautiful poem in both structure and subject. In today's hectic and scary World it is increasingly easy to wallow in a shallow stagnant pool. We all need to heed your call to vacate the pool and soar like a bird and be free ! Thanks for caring and sharing ~ Yous BRIAN

  • Grainart

    Very nice indeed, well done

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