Love is uncertain


I used to be the type of person that admired the feeling of being in love.
To cherish those moments with that special someone.
I would always find my greatest moments at the sounds of your hello.
To admire and assure the you that was so beautiful.
But now....
Now you've built a wreck out of me.
Please put my aching heart out of its misery.
Love is uncertain.
Love is beautiful.
Love leaves you hurting.
Love is questionable.
Love is more than just a four letter word.
The most mysterious feeling that takes time to comprehend.
The love I have for her still lingers.
I'm desperately trying to live a life without her.
The sadness is still there. Haunting me and keeping me up at night.
Thine own foolish and sober demise.
Realizing I was never good enough.
Love can be fucked up.
This sick entertainment.
As my face makes contact with this pavement.
Love leaves me uncertain as I'm starting to hate it.
My hearts on a pendulum.
Hoping it'll be in reaching distance for someone.
Tell then...
I'm creeping through this labyrinth.
Turning corners but still at a dead end.

  • Author: poetic_demise425 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 18th, 2016 23:45
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    WELCOME PD ~ Thanks for your first poem and song on the eternal and fascinating theme of LOVE. I've been in and out of love a few times and I agree with your sentiments. LOVE IS: uncertain ~ beautiful ~ hurtful ~ questionable ~ fragile ~ uncertain ~ fluctuating and a labyrinth. However it is BEAUTIFUL and for me (so far) the best experience on Earth ~ when you find it ~ and the worst when you lose it. Is it worth the pain ? That is for each individual to answer ! Thanks for sharing BRIAN

    • poetic_demise425

      I appreciate your feedback. Thank you. I had love once but as you can see from this poem I lost it. So thank you for understanding.

    • Desaru

      This is great yet I fear I've caused someone to feel this before.

      • poetic_demise425

        It's nice to know that there are others that can understand and relate.

      • Mads

        I have lost love too. It really sucks and I'm still trying to move on.

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