Dark Lullabye For Two ft Josh Hosey

Oh, God, how it hurts. 
I've lost all words, 
And I can't speak. 
It's been weeks, 
and I still can't sleep. 
I guess I wasn't for you, 
And this lullabye wasn't meant for two. 
This melody is dark, 
Like the sound of shattering hearts. 
There's bats, where once laid butterflies, 
And tears are shed, from stained glass eyes. 
You tore this heart from deep within, 
and left me barely breathin'. 
How could you intend, 
Then play pretend? 
How could you say what you didn't mean? 
My senses were down, and yours were keen. 
I danced along, in the devil's fire. 
Hand in hand, to be your desire. 
He stole my soul at midnight, 
And grinned down upon me, in mid-flight. 
He howled with vicious laughter, 
and gossiped on how he stole the "ever after" 
You weren't for me, just for you, 
And this is the tale of the Dark Lullabye For Two



    WELCOME ROSE ~ Thank you for your first poem on the sad subject of broken and betrayed love. I love the way you presented it "white on black" like a "Death Notice" ~ very powerful ! I am a gentle and considerate lover and have great respect for all the "Girls I've ever known" so i find your poem quite distressing ~ I hope you found it cathartic. God how it hurts ~ can't speak ~ can't sleep ~ dark melodies ~ shed tears ~ torn heart ~ senses down ~ stolen soul ~ gossiped about ~ Dark Lullaby for Two. Thanks for sharing ~ Some Men are Monsters ~ I trust and pray you will find a Gentle-man someday soon. Every Blessing BRIAN

  • willyweed

    this is well done! ww

  • SabreLi

    I have really enjoyed reading your work, and just had to comment on this piece. I love the darker themed writing as that's where alot of my own inspiration is. I think you've done a great job here telling a morose story but turning the macabre into something beautiful 😀 x

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