Like Father like daughter

The words fall out of my mouth, like rain falls out of the sky. Effortlessly

My mind is putty, shaped by mistakes and wrong turns.

My hands worn, as are my eyes due to the lack of sleep.

Your heart is cold like the floor of your bathroom.

You're drowning in my personal anxiety, while my stress is suffocating you.

I'm a road entwined with a mountain of self loathing.

I'm an empty coffin . . . hollowed by your misshapen body.

You're an old house with broken windows and chipped paint.

Untouched and your secrets lay on the floor with your doubt.

My anger toward my actions are silent, but my actions are screaming.

You will always be the matchbox flint to my burning walls, my anxiety, and self loathing.

You're the reason the coffin does not shut. 

You broke the hinges with yours lies of staying, then abruptly going.

Thanks anyway.




    WELCOME FLOWER ~ Thanks for your very personal and graphic poem. We all have parents but our experiences cover the whole spectrum from LOVE to ABUSE. My Parents are loving & supportive but I have friends whose experience mirrors yours. Also I am a Student Counselor and several of my students have ongoing bad vibes due to Parental and Family abuse. The sad thing is (as your poem suggests) that our parents should be or protectors and not our abusers. Your poem is well written and its message is clear but also very very sad ! "You're the reason the coffin does not shut ~ You broke the hinges with your lies of staying ~ then abruptly going ~ Thanks anyway ! Thanks for sharing ~ I hope you found it cathartic ~ BRIAN

  • IAmJaz

    I can relate to your poem so much!

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