Bad Photograph

Open doors turning off the light
Shutting out the world I don’t know
Bad dreams and monsters when the lights go out
Where the people whose faces were blurred out my bad photography skills
Not a care in the world
You can finish the sentences that fall out of my mouth
You will eat them up and spit them out like a terrible meal, cooked out of your actions
Open your eyes to close them and wish your days went by faster
Faster, like the beat of the water dribbling out of your broken sink
Broken sink, broken eyes, broken me
Go ahead tell me what I'm thinking

Photographs that I take
Always turn out bad
Even when I photograph
Me Mother or me Dad
But now Im in me element
Im really in me delphi
The only photos that I take
Nowadays A SELPHI !
I dont know what I look like
Me image makes me quiver
Cos what I see in a photo
Is not me image in the mirror
Me right is left ~ Me left is right
And so I look much better
In my photo than the mirror
Something i dont regret Sir
And so me SELPHIS always good
Although me photo-graphys bad
So now Im always taking selphis
And never Mum and Dad !

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