S NOW CRYSTALS ~ sixfold symmetrical perfection

N o two snow crystals are identical ~ natural extravagance

O ne is enough ~ but billions of dazzling hexagonal gemstones

W HY ?  Because ice (solid water) has hexagonal symmetry  !


C rystals of Snow are crystal of ice. When water freezes it ....

R earranges from separate H2O molecules into a diamond lattice

Y ou see this exemplified in the hexagonal symmetry like the ....

S tar like hexagonal snow crystals ! This happens because

T heir hexagonal structure is determined by the structure of ice !

A ll natural crystalline shapes and colours are determined most

L ikely by the actual atomic and molecular structure of the

S ubstance from which the crystal is formed ~ in this case ICE !


Thanks for reading ~ comments welcome ~ Love to all ~ BRIAN XOX


To give it structure this poem is presented in "free verse" acrostic form ~ OK


  • Tony36

    Awesome write


      THANKS TONY ~ Nature is always wicked ! BRIAN

      • Tony36


      • So So Bad Official

        Nice job... 🙂

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks CSORG ~ pleased you enjoyed it ~ BRIAN

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