Society 🌍



I'm currently stuck in a messed up society.
you have young children being shot or stabbed.
you have young girls being kidnapped.
young girls love twerk
instead of doing their homework.
every girl gets heartbroken then starts talking about " every boy is the same". no not every boy is into that game.
you have rivalry.
some proper destroyed society.
you have young girls at the age of 16 bringing babies in the world.
but; they are babies themselves.
now they've come to the conclusion,
that they weren't ready for no baby
they leave their babies at home with their mums,
so they can go to the club and get drunk.
Young boys get excited Cah they got a little piece of hair on their chin&' start rolling wid guns and knives.
ruined right ?

This society I was birthed into
is a seriously awful, it's disgusting,
it's bad
it's a struggle.
some girls have no life goals, just running up and down the street for nothing
being big Time hoes
some boys have no life goals, all they do is run up and down the streets rap, trap, stabbing , and sexing the hoes.
when I see school girls chillin outside in their school clothes late at night, makes me wanna slap them up and make them see Sence,
to go home and do constructive things instead.

the society I was brought up in
is really bad, every month - year there's someone going in a coffin.
it hurts to see that we can't all just get along.
black on black crime don't you think that's wrong?
to be honest any sort of crime is just pointless and wrong
wasn't it us screaming we wanna make this world a better place.
well looking at it now! it's seriously a disgrace.







    HI YO ~ Thanks for carin' an' sharin' Your experience is mine ~ we live in a Fallen World where Satan is in control and GOD is sidelined ! BUT ~ An individual (like you and I ) can make a difference by trustin' in the LORD ~ setting an example and livin'' a Holy Life. We must never be judgmental but just healing to our "out of control Teens" with TLC & Prayer ~ AMEN. Thanks for sharin' BRIAN

  • Tony36

    Very insightful, Great write

    • yo_hommiecee

      Thank you, much appreciated

      • Tony36


      • D\'anna-Mae Holness

        Wow I love this poem , truly in depth piece. I feel the same way about the society we as children are in and have written a poem about social media as well , this really touches my hear . Well done !

      • yo_hommiecee

        Thank you love

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