You're just to young.

You're just too young, you don't understand.

A baby trying to walk and talk before she should.

Sit down, my sister tells me, a kneeling contradiction she is.

My mind won't stop him. He seeps through my screen, promising me the sweestest candy from the cheapest shops.

Am I feeling this? Is this what it is? Is my body  aching for what it's never had? 

I'm just too young.

The older I grow, the questions pile. 

I suppose I should wait for a big boy to climb through my life and teach me his world. Then leave after five fucking minutes in the back of his car.

Your not to young for that, little girl.


  • DieIdeeDerKraftEinerIdee

    Can I be your editor? In order all of the errors: *too* *"Sit down."[,] my sister tells me* *tells me, [lower case]a* *He seeps* *through* *too* *through* *and teach me his world[,] then...* *You're not too young for that[,] little girl. Sorry to seem like lang-8.com , just trying to help.

    • speakmywords

      I'm dyslexic so I've always struggled with it, thanks pal. I'll correct soon.

      • DieIdeeDerKraftEinerIdee

        I hope you got my message.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        WELCOME SMW ~ Love the nuances in this poem. Poetry is part of the ORAL tradition and it was passed on orally long before it was ever written down ~ so you are allowed some poetic licence ! To me it reads OK ~ I am a performance poet ! In my experience "They always tried to tell me ~ I was too young ~ too young to really be in love !" Boys have to learn as well ~ but in the natural order of things it is always the Girl who carries the consequence.. The age of legal consent in the UK is 16 ~ which in my book is only just old enough ~ 18 would be more sensible. However the stats show that many young females are sexually active from 12 onwards and that is much too young ! The internet has a lot to answer for in respect of young Male exploitation (and expectation). of even younger Females. Thanks for caring and sharing ~ BRIAN

        • speakmywords

          Thank you, I also agree that the expectations that boys are given by the media are ridiculous.Were just people. I hope readers don't think I'm hating on men, the poem is just one personal thought and adaption of people I've met and stories I've heard. Thanks for the feedback appreciate it πŸ™‚

        • mhpoet

          you did an amazing job in expressing yourself and that is what matters most

          • speakmywords

            Thank you, appreciate it😊

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