AUTUMN ~ She loves to stage a show

All those colours but the winds do blow

Coloured leaves soon go ~ the trees are bare

Was that rainbow ever really there ?


WINTER ~ Is a very bitter Season 

Frost and snow and ice ~ no rhyme or reason

When it snows ~ nothing ever grows

Cold my freezing fingers ~ red my nose !

Frosen lakes and streams ~ and no birds sing

Oh how my entire being yearns for SPRING !


But when SPRING comes it's young and gay

You really feel that WINTER's gone away

And flowers and shrubs and tree begin to grow

BUT why is the growth rate so darn slow ?

Flower ~ insects ~ birds come out to Spring's slow drummer

Then one day ~ Hip Hip Hooray ~ suddenly it's SUMMER !


Verdant leaves are back on every tree

And fruit and roses blooming full and free.

SUMMER has come and warm and fresh the air

And holidays ~ time to enjoy and share !

I know each Season plays its cyclic part

But SUMMER thrills my soul and mind and heart !


Thanks for visiting ~ Comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX 


  • camille

    Amazing. Could really feel the seasons in your words.. C


      Thanks CAMILLE ~ sorry I was hard on the other 3 ~ BUT in the UK when the summer comes we all really enjoy it ! Yours BRIAN

    • Tony36

      Awesome, Awesome write my friend

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks TONY ~ pleased you enjoyed it ~ Yours BRIAN

        • Tony36


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