A LIGATOR ~ Is scary ~ but he smilin' at me

I seen him up real close in the Florida Everglades 
S caley ~ smilin' at me ~ him 12 feet long ~ scary

F rightened ?  No him just a Gator I see plenty 
O n my lawn near Tampa ~ baskin' in the Sun
R eally ! But I no bother him ~ he no bother me !

A ll God's creatures are like that ~ Bears ~ Snakes ~  I 
L ike all God's creatures and they all like me
I  never get bitten or stung 'cos I show respect to .....
G ators especially as long as I don't touch their tail !

A nd ~ one day if you meet a Gator ~ just smile at him

T o tell him you're his friend and he'll smile back
O pen his mouth and he will show you what a .....  
R eally beautiful teeth he has ~ Always smile at a GATOR ! 

Thanks for reading ~ comment welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX

This is an Acrostic Sonnet ~ 14 lines ~ OK


  • avigail

    great Brian
    did i tell u i live in S Florida? and we have an alligator in our lake :)))


      Oh YES ~ I remember ~ You will know as I do that close up and personal they are quite nice. I stay with Friends near TAMPA and the Gators come up in the Yards awesome. I love the Everglades normally go in February to avoid th mosquitos ! Your BRIAN Hope I showed enough respect to the Gators ~ they are awesome ! Did you like the smiley picture ?

    • camille

      Really fun .. Made me smile .x

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks CAMILLE ~ Gators and Crocs (in the river Nile ~ Egypt) always make me smile. Remember if you meet onr just smile ! Thanks for commenting # Yours BRIAN

      • Tony36

        Wonderful write

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks TONY pleased you like GATORS ! My next poem is "B IS FOR BEAR" ! BRIAN

          • Tony36


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