Seeds of change.

Seeds of change.

Shadows of night draw near.
I am alone , at the mercy of my thoughts.
I am reluctant to take a bite of this dish of anguish ,
An unappetising plateful of pain and sorrow.

I have no appetite but I am drawn closer, ever closer.
The seeds of change are ripe for sowing.
There is a sense of urgency for planting,
To reap the bountiful harvest to feed my hungry soul.

To taste instead the ripe fruits of hope and peace.
A juicy peach , it's flesh plump and welcoming,
To feel it's juice spill forth golden and sweet ,
Mine for the taking if only I dare.

The crossroads looms before me . Which path will I choose?
Well trodden path of apathy and stoicism,
Familiar friend that asks for no self examination,
But in return promises only a numbing empty void.

The dawn is near , the first tendrils of early light warm my skin,
Bringing resolve and strength and clarity to my thoughts .
I emerge from the greyness of my previous existence like a butterfly from its chrysalis.
Wings outstretched in search of the sun - I am reborn .




    Thanks for sharing CAMILLE ! As we pass through life we pass through a series of chrysali and metamorphose into the next stage. We are reborn and if we grasp all the opportunities (and forget the past) our "rebirth" can be as sensational as the transition from caterpillar to butterfly ~ AMEN ~ Yours BRIAN. Please check my fun poem an ALIGATOR ~ BRIAN

  • Tony36

    Awesome write

  • camille

    You're too kind 😊Thank you

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