WATER  FALLS ~ That's logic 'cos water's

Liquid and flows to the lowest level !

WATERFALLS  are iconic and beautiful

When a river reaches ~ edge of a cliff

It rushes over in a copious flood

A tempestuous torrent ~ to Valley   

Below ~ running between the rugged rocks 

Falling fast and faster in clouds of spray

That on a sunny graces the Fall

With her own personal glittering Rainbow

The vision of flow & bow is enhanced

By the sound of its rushing & gushing 

Water Music ~ symphony of liquid sound 

Each Waterfall is unique ~ and wicked ! 


Thank for visiting ~ Do you like Waterfalls ?

Comments welcome ~ Love to all BRIAN XOX


This is a blank verse Sonnet in one 14 line stanza.

The rhythm is iambic pentameter ~ 10 syllables per line. 



  • willyweed

    well done Brian ! Waterfalls are beautiful and awesome! ww


      Thanks WW ~ Waterfalls always a good mode for an ode ! BRIAN

    • lysistrata

      I like Water in whatever version I get it.
      Brian,I recently read and very much enjoyed Patterson's "Rain" poetry collection. Take a look...Where and When are you up to?

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks LYSI ~ Water always whets my Muse ! Will check Patterson's "Rain" poetry. Thanks BRIAN

      • Tony36

        Great write

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks TONY ~ for your encouraging comment ~ BRIAN

          • Tony36


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