ROSES are really my favorite flower
In a formal Rose Garden or arched in a bower
The Red Rose of England is our national bloom
Oft used at weddings for Bride and for Groom
On Valentines Day my Love always receives
A dozen red roses ~ in MY LOVE she believes !
Each color of Rose has its own special meaning
So if you are giving ~ or if youre receiving
Remember the message that each color imparts
Pink for Romantic Love ~ when romance starts.
Orange for Growing Love ~ deep Red for Passion
Yellow for Hopeful Love ~ Peach Roses for Fashion.
Purple Roses for dignity ~ royalty ~ faith
Pure White for purity ~ solemnity ~ death.
I always plant Roses to mark special events
Birthdays ~ anniversaries for Ladies and Gents
Roses have great names like My Fragrant Girl
A Rose Bush is a present that will forever unfurl.
OK there Ive said it ~ now everyone knows
That my favorite flower is AN OLD ENGLISH ROSE !

Daisy you're so simple yet sophisticated,
I don't know why you're so under-rated.
You are the most beautiful flower in the floral world,
I need to pick a bunch of you for my girl.
Daisy you convey cheer and exuberance
and anyone can see that with just a glance.
Your beauty and strength is all I see
Daisy you are the flower you're the one for me.

H YDRANGEA outside my window
Y ou are so so beautiful as you
D evelop week by week through
R eds and Blues and Pinks. An
A wesome display of millIfiori
N umberless tiny buds with a
G roup of so beautiful flowers.
E xceptional ~ unique ~ perfect.

Naked Ladies (Yes that is the name of a flower )
Though you have no leaves
Upon your stem
You are still so pretty
With your big lovely bloom
deep as a well
Smells so sweet

I love Wild Flower Meadows
Especially those in Swissland
The sight sends me heel over headows
I feel that I am in Blissland !
All over the World
Wild Flowers grow in profusion
Habitats for insects and birds
If destroyed it puts them in confusion !
So please protect our meadows
Wherever you live
Habitats ~ breakfast and beddows
To all of Gods creatures please give !

Take a little poppy flower
and pin it to your chest
in honor of all the veterans
who have been laid to their rest
Take a little poppy flower
and wear it there with pride
for all of our fallen hero's
who have protected us
with their lives

In the picture of earth
mother nature gave birth
to the beauty of all ~ FLOWERS
they are tiny or large
you can pick them ~ no charge
the beauty of all ~ FLOWERS

Being from a farm
wildflowers in the field
always a lovely sight
All the different colors
spread out
for all to see
always brings a smile to me

S NOWDROPS the cutest flower
N o one can that fact deny ~ when
O ne day theyre poking thru the snow
W hite tips and green leaves we all espy
D o they love cold - how are they so bold ?
R eally seems their leaves full of antifreeze
O ne day snow next day the snowdrops show
P erfect herald of the Spring they sure make me
S ing snowdrops poking through the Winter snow

Dandelions may be weeds,
But they are awfully pretty,
The brightness of the yellowness,
Will always make you smile,
So next time you may see a dandelion,
Don't uproot it and kill,
Look at the flower,
In all it's glory,
It's why dandelions are my favourite.

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  • Comment from author about the poem: Thanks for adding your favorite flower. Each flower has a meaning so I hope you will share the Secret Language of Flowers with us. There are TWELVE STANZAS so there is enough space for everyone to contribute. A Pink Rose for you all ~ Love BRIAN XOX
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