The Peaceful Lake

Looking at the serene lake that’s motionless
I feel the softness of the wind
the warm kiss of the morning breath
the gentle whisper of the breeze

I can feel the morning tranquility
that peace in my spirit awakens,
the calm water looking like a mirror
a breathtaking bonanza surrounds me


I let my imagination take me
on the wings of the wind,
like a gliding bird in flight
my spirit soars new heights

The smell of nature engulfs me
with its sweet and exquisite aroma,
trees form a large natural canopy
around the serene and beautiful lake



    HOLA ROBERTO ~ The English Lake District is rated as one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I love the symbiosis of Lake and Mountains ~ especially when they are on a human scale. No Lake longer than 12 miles and no Mountain higher than 3250 feet. All radiating out from Grasmere like spokes on a wheel. Thanks for posting a lovely tranquil poem which stirred my own memories ~ BRIAN.

  • rrodriguez

    I will look up The English Lake District. I love mountains and lakes. Thank you for reading and commenting on this poem. I also have it written in Spanish.

  • willyweed

    what beauty in nature and in this piece which I find very calming? ww

  • rrodriguez

    Thank you willyweed

  • avigail

    you deliver tranquility
    and mind calmness and clarity

    thank you

  • Shahla Latifi

    I live in a lakefront home in Florida.
    This poem reflects the beauty of the lake and it surroundings.
    Thank you!

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