Smoky Eyes

Daddy's Girl by Yours Truly

Daddy's Girl by Yours Truly


As she stood in the doorway , singing a lullaby 

She waits for you with stars in her eyes, singing and laughing waiting for her daddy to come by!


Doll tucked under her arms , her starry eyes lights up as she patiently waits for you , singing "Oh my daddy , oh how I love you so"!

Her little mind abounds with joy and of all the little  things she wanted to say to you , about her loving you and her heart warming toy!


Half  an hour rushes to an hour 

As you watches your little girl with hope in her eyes

As she awaits her daddy waltzing through the door

An hour rushes to two, three and then four,  as her little wearisome body  drops to the floor,  right in front the door !


Her little eyes tear up and you caught your breath, as she said mommy,  my daddy doesn't loves me anymore!

You said no baby,  he will be here soon,  but you know as well and couldn't tell her that once again he wouldn't be keeping his word as he is out and about with the new family  he now calls his own!


You reached down and picked her off the floor, as you wipe her tears and try to soothe her with stories of how her daddy loves her so !


And as she falls asleep in your arms,  you vowed to yourself that never again would allow a man to  disappoint her so, as you kisses her forehead,  you wished to God that she shouldn't meet a man like you!


This is dedicated to all those beautiful mothers out there,  and to the fathers who disappoints your flesh and blood for another man's children,  showing how good you are as a man,  whilst your own lives with  heartache and pain.  Fathers don't play the victim, take care of your own and stop blaming the mother.



    -WELCOME SMOKEY EYES ~Thanks for an excellent first poem in both STRUCTURE and SUBJECT. It is in "free verse" but structured in stanzas to make it easier and more interesting to read. The subject is sad but real and it is always the Mothers who are left holding (and consoling) the Babies.! All little Girls love their Daddies and suffer (often silently) when their Daddy desserts them. I'm not married ~ but if i was ~ and a Dad ~ I trust I would not dessert my Wife and Kids for another Family. Sometimes poems like this make me ashamed to be a Man ~ but I try always to be a Gentleman ! Thanks for caring & sharing ~ BRIAN

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    Great write

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      Thanks. O am not understanding this page

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        I meant "I" of course

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