The air I'd cool
The air is crisp
The leaves flow all around me
As the wind wheels and whips
My feet crunch on broken branches
Leaves fall in a spinning display
I am enthralled in the scene around me
Bright colors of every color imaginable
Burst brightly and vividly upon the trees

AUTUMN in England ~ a blustery season
Leaves blow off the trees without rhyme or reason
One day a vision of yellow red gold
The next day theyre bare so drab to behold.
We have some customs ~ take place in the Fall
We all dress up as ghoules for the Halloween Ball
A Guy called Guy Fawkes ~ as I remember
Tried to blow up PARL-I-MENT fifth of November
So on that day we give all old folks a fright
Letting off fireworks on BONFIRE NIGHT
We build a big bonfire ~ pile the wood high
And right at the top place GUY FAWKES the GUY
We eat lots of Gingerbread ~ Burgers ~ Hot Dogs
And all round the fire we sing sitting on logs.
Its our way of THANKSGIVING we sing with aplomb.
And thank GOD for deliverance from Guy Fawkes and his bomb !

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