A Harmonious TriAngle

A great need,no doubt,made me

Part of this Inseparable Triangle.


From one side is my delightfull husband.

Phoebus,with his shiny smile,

Makes me fly up High.

From the other side is my beasty brother.

Phobos,with his demon eyes,

Leaves me breathless every time.


And in the middle, I,

Harmonia, an Isosceles figure

Who follows them  from a distance.



  • Tony36

    Great poem


    Very interesting


    Thanks LYSI ~ very Pythagorian ! We often in life find ourselves some isosceles ~ some right angled ~ some wrong angled ! PHEOBUS & PHOBUS a very unharmonius pair. I can see why they need you to intervene HARMONIA. I am an APPEASER and try to bring harmony into phobic situations and shed a little sweetness and light wherever there is bitterness and darkness ! Love it thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN

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