B ANANAS ~ are a perfect fruit
A fter peeling they look so cute
N o cooking ~ you just peel and eat
A Banana is always ripe and sweet !
N o other fruit is with it can compete
A Banana a day will be my treat !

Was it apple, the reason Eve and Adam were kicked?
Was it the first fruit snake in garden, he happened to pick?
Is it the sugar in fruits we all like to lick?
Fruits are pure energy boost right to our brains.
You eat bunch as a meal - yummy! and nothing remains.

The sun is ablazed
Infusing it with sweetness
Juicy and very sweet
That's how I like my
Rican oranges.

LEMON TREE very pretty
LEMON TREE very sweet
But the fruit of the poor Lemon
Is impossible to eat
But if you squeeze a Lemon
And add a little sugar
And top it up with water ice
Then you can drink the bugger !
LEMON is so versitile
A really lovely flavour
Squirt it on your pancakes
(That is true British behavour !)
So never knock the Lemon
Even though it may be tart
Bake me a Lemon Drizzle Cake
And Ill give you my heart !

Bananas are a healthy fruit
Chock full of potassium
Don't cost a whole bag of loot
And easier to peel from the bottom
Bananas can be a real dessert treat
All kind of tasty connotations
Chocolate heightens the experience
A real and true taste sensation
Bananas aren't just for Monkeys
Or limited to Beatles
Not sure how we got on rock bands
Eat banana pudding in a church steeple
The last stanza didn't end well
Banana-church thing made no sense
They do make very good daiquiri's
Quite relaxing when you are tense

KIWI FRUIT are very tasty
Eat them slowly never hasty
First in half you cut them up
Then place them in a big egg cup
Scoop each mouthful with a big eggspoon
Such a succulant fruit will make you swoon !
This friut will never ever ~ hit you in the eye
Cos as you know ~ A KIWI FRIUT cant fly
O in case you hadnt heard
In New Zealand ~ I once saw
A real live KIWI BIRD

Some say the tomato's a veggie
Others say it is a fruit
At least they are not like beans
The more you eat the more you toot!
I love fried green tomatoes
Lightly breaded, a tasty snack
Not the most healthy of choices
Can be addictive just like crack
Tomatoes are good in a tossed salad
Soup and sandwich on the side
Need extra meat between the bread
Don't want hunger to make you cry
Still not sure why it's a fruit
Seems like more of a veggie to me
Maybe we need to take a re-vote
Solve this major discrepancy

Apples are the fruit for me
Thou I like many other kinds
Apples just stay on my mind
They can be sweet
They can be tart
There are many ways to eat them
I enjoy biting into one
So juicy
So good
Oh, apples are a delight
A joy

PEARS are perfect in their shape
Also perfect in their taste
You never have to peel a pear
Peeling it would be a waste.
How would you describe the taste of a pear
It's effect on he palette ~ it never stops
When asked to describe taste of the pear
I thought and then said ~ just like PEAR DROPS
Apples keep for ages ....
Grapefruit last for years
Pears decompose to mush in a day
And leave us all in tears
So if you see a "fine pear"
Grab it when you can
Squeeze it ~ core it ~ chop it ~ scoff it
Then ~ my SON you'll be a MAN !

  • Authors: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym), AVIGAIL, rrodriguez, DubbleDhee, Tony36
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  • Finished: August 30th, 2016 05:30
  • Limit: 12 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: FRUIT are a very important part of each of our diets. They are (relatively cheap) and available everywhere in the World. We are fortunate in the UK because we can import all the 100's of variety of fruit and nuts that the World produces. They are a great source of minerals ~ vitamins and roughage. We should eat (at least) five portions of fruit and veggies each day ! Thanks for contributing ~ I have twelve STANZAS ! Love BRIAN XOX
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