Ever since I got outa me pram

I've been ritin' poems that SLAM !

Where do they come from my Teacher said ?

I replied Man they just come outa me 'ed


I never write long poems ~ like the

Mega cantos of Old Ezra Pound 

I get to the point ~ not outa joint

Me poems don't just go round an' round !


Me poems are rhythmic ~ simple ~ recitable

And when they're pasionate I get quite excitable

When I perform them ~ I sing in the shower

And if you could see me ~ you'd know I have THE POWER !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ SLAM love to all ~ BRIAN

This poem was inspired by MARISA GREEN  whose first poem was a SLAM !


A SLAM POEM should be recited and is then given marks outa TEN.

The key elements of a SLAM POEM are:  Original ~ Less than 3 minutes ~

Simple  recitable  rhythmic passionate AND it must have POWER ! 




  • Author: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 19th, 2016 04:26
  • Comment from author about the poem: SLAM POETRY is fun ~ why not write one for yourself ? Then recite it to your Family and get them to mark it outa TEN. Better still join a SLAM POETRY CLUB and stand up and recite it on the open mic ! I'm a Performance Poet and in my opinion all poetry should be recited. The first poems were not written down ~ they were recited and passed on as a oral tradition. They were dynamic verses were altered and new verses added. The FUSION POEMS on this site follow that tradition. Have you started one or contributed to one yet ? Love of Poetry to all ~ BRIAN XOX
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  • Mads

    I like this poem a lot. It is very simple and straight to the point. Marisa Green is a very good poet, I love reading her poems too.


    Thanks MADS pleased you liked it> Poetry is infinite but Slam Poetry is WICKED> Thanks for commenting ~ Thanks for adding me as a Friend ~ Yours BRIAN

  • Shadowbox15

    First of all: WOW. I never knew that the Sonnet-master could SLAM!
    Second: I would love to perform my poems! However, I am sadly too young to join adult things like book club, slam poetry club, or astronomy night (alone. I could do it with a group if anyone I trust would join me 😢).


      THANKS SHADOW ~ I like to think of myself as a "POET WITHOUT BOUNDARIES" OK ~ Thanks for you comment ~ sorry I can't offer a POETRY GROUP ~ look on the web or start your own TEEN POETRY GROUP ~ lots of teens like poetry & rapping etc ~ OK ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

      • Shadowbox15

        You rock dude!

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