Better Left Unsaid

Those silly things
that run through your head
all of the things
you wish you had said
the words rest upon your lips
but are never set free
as they shrivel and die
like a leaf on a tree

B etter left unsaid ~ things in me 'ead
E xplain to me what would I say instead
T hings about love ~ like a hand in glove
T hings about Heaven ~ my home up above
E verything left unsaid is dead in its bed
R emember the things youve left unsaid !
L ittle things ~ that we say each day
E veryday things about Love Work & Play
F unny daft things about your Uncle Fred !
T hings like that should all be left unsaid ?
U nsaid is the word that you never heard
N obody heard me call you a NERD ....... I
S uppose I thought it in me 'ead ~ but I'm
A lways glad it was left unsaid ! Things
I thought but never spoke ~ feelings not
D amn mended 'cos they never got broke

The words in my head,
Are better left unsaid.
It's exhausting,
Having people tell me all different things,
And not knowing who to believe...
I only believe the things I say to myself,
Even though I don't say them out loud.
They wouldn't like the way I talk about myself,
So I keep it all in my head.

The words I have left unsaid
Could fill volumes and phone books.
I wrack my brain in vain
For the right words to say.
But it all gets jumbled
And tossed salad free for all.
Not right. Not right.
Not to slick. Not to bright.
Maybe they are better off
Left unsaid. In the dark.
It all turns into a routine
Andrew dice clay would approve.

Always be careful what you say
What you ask for when you pray
The silly things we say today
Won't go away ~ they stay.
Love Letters never get thrown away
People are nerds ~ They misinterpret
Out of context ~ All our words.
So keep your anger ~ inside your head
Don't tell FRED ~ keep it INSIDE YO' HEAD !


  • Bookworm

    This is great.

    • notapoet

      Thank you very much. NAP

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