Give peace a cchance 

Make peace not war


That is my call

Unlike most

Who shout those words

I have been in combat 

I have seen the hell

That is hell


Marching across the field 

Crawling through trenches 



All in the name of freedom 


Yes, that was me

Watching my friends die 

Watching whole cities burn 

Watching cars explode 

Watching tanks

Plow across the land


The ravages of war

Are not only that

Which can be seen 

There are emotional scares 

That thread throughout 




One's mental and emotional 

State streched to the limit 

And far beyond 


So now I speak out for peace 

For I have been there 

I wish for no one else 

Should enter that hell's gate





    Those who share with me the Horrors of War never say DULCE ET DECORUM EST (Sweet and Glorious). They don't want to talk about it and if they do they say HELL ~ HELL ~ HELL ! Is the price of freedom too high for tosewho purchase it fo us ? Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN.

    • Tony36

      True I always found the price of freedom much to high

    • rrodriguez

      Yes, war is hell... and we are call to it throughout the ages... only a transformation of humanity we'll ever change the state of affairs. Only God's kingdom will settle the chaos we live in now. Excellent poem!

      • Tony36

        True very true indeed, thank you

      • notapoet

        Powerful write my friend! I pray we all find peace within ourselves so we can learn to spread it across the world. Thank you for sharing....

        • Tony36


        • lysistrata

          Now start Writing about Donald Trump who suffers from PRPMOD...

          • Tony36

            If I started writing about that man, I wouldn't stop til the day I was dead

          • Seeker

            Thank you Tony. I'm sure writing about those days is indeed a painful experience. My son served in Iraq for 17 months. I think he left a part of his psyche there when he finally came home. He does suffer from PTSD and most times he's still pleasant to be with but sometimes it's like being with a lit case of TNT.

            • Tony36

              Many soldiers are that way. Some however have a worse case and really need help

            • sabibdd

            • sabibdd

              Tony, I really like your style and enjoy your contributions!

              • Tony36

                Thank you

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