Abyss Road

- My neighbors are sooo Banal.

  I refuse to be part of their Wastelands.

- Really? Why is that?

- My neighbor on the ground floor,

  A racist old bag,

  Who keeps 'talking' to her pets.

  My neighbor on the floor above,

  A rich young lady,

  Who likes opencrossing her legs to strangers.

  The Rabbi across the road,

   Who mashed his parrot

   With a pair of scissors.

   The Veteran next door,

   Who washes the poor kid

    With his mental condition.

    The author with the vintage car

    And the mirror windows

    For the last 5 years and 10 months

    Has been a stalker and a masturbator

    Over the Tenant with the plastic boobs

    And the medium size vibrator.

-  Jeez! What kind of World do we live in?

-  Indeed! But as I said,I refuse to join in....

    I am looking for someone of extraodinary 


    Whose  kind of nature long I have forgotten.

    So,I decided.I am moving OUT of ABYSS Road.

-  Really? Where to?

-  Just Downhill.

   Ah! Fresh air,Green fields

   Lost of flies and Eternal sleep....






  • Seeker

    Excellent write, bravo!! A very refreshing and imaginative dialogue. I wanted more.

    • lysistrata


      Thanks for the encouragement.
      This is a Work in Progress...πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰


      You are wicked LYSI ~ thanks for another brilliant poem. I live in a flat so I can empathise with your Abyss Road cohort. All of us in FLATLAND have them and try to keep sane ! Racist bags ~ Female flashers called Nickoless ~ Veterns ~ Stalkers ~ Wankers ~ All the lonely people ~ where do they all come from ? Maybe I'll join you in the Green Fields ! Thanks for sharing love the art deco visual ! Yours BRIAN I have a posted a new FUSION ~ MY FAVORITE TIPPLE

      • lysistrata

        I host a Dorothy πŸ‘© night where we (girls only) intent to drink our favourite tipples,
        So Inspiration (maybe?!) within the week...🍸🍷🍹🍺🍢

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks LYSI ~ sorry I can't come ! If you are inviting Drag Artists my faves are SAN MIGUEL ~ Rose d'Anjou ~ Baileys ~ OK. Hope your DN goes well ~ much better to be sloshed when there are no men around ! Yours as always BRIAN

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