#107-Kept It A Secret

She was so happy,

She had the world in her hands.

She never thought it would end,

She even had the greatest best friend.

But then a day came,

A day full of regret,

A day that she will never ever forget...

The day when her innocence was ripped away.

The year she turned twelve,

Was the year she started to hate herself.

No one knew the reason why,

She would stay up every night and cry.

She thought she was no longer worth anything,

They still didn't know what was even happening.

She kept it a secret for who knows how long,

Until she finally realized,

What she was doing was wrong.

She ended up having to face the facts,

That she would never be able to get her old life back.



    WELCOME MADS ~ Thanks for sharing such an intimate and personal experience in your first poem. It is cathartic and I am praying it will help to ease your perpetual pain. 12 is no age to even be "touched" let alone RAPED ~ sometimes I am ashamed to be a MAN. Castration or the Electric Chair is too good for such a swine ! Some of us are Gentlemen and I treat all Females as Angels ! Many Men do not appreciate the psychological importance of a Girl's "V" it is much much more that just a biological experience which is why the rape of a Virgin is the worst possible crime. Unfortunately it subjects you to a life of shame and regret. MPS is a loving site and you will find a lot of empathy from the Ladies and support from the Men. An elegantly penned poem ~ with a very very sad subject. Thinking of you and praying for you ~ Yours BRIAN.

  • avigail

    Dear Mads place your right hand over your heart place your left palm on your forehead. You are a whole beautiful BodyMidnSpirit and nothing can damage you. Breathe deeply. Get connected to the healing energies of the universe and shine.

  • Ternic73

    I am sorry that your life was changed forever at 12 years old. But I applaud you for being able to talk about it.

  • Tony36

    Sorry that it happened, great write though

  • JohnThomas

    We carry scars and damage all our lives. What matters is how we cope and what we do with our lives after the trauma.
    I'm sorry you had to go through such an ordeal.
    Be strong. For you are stronger than the pain.
    Thank you for sharing a look into darkness.

  • RipleyD18

    Very nice.

  • Amal

    exactly what wingelniktj says how bad things happen all through life but the difference is how you react to them and live after, I have 3 daughters and the thought of anything bad happening is so disturbing but you must be strong and be better than the world around you. oh and also great poem, made me cry

  • TheWritingInstrument

    Dear Mads, I know it's hard, it's hard to have these things in your life, that you'll never be the same again, but those things that happened made you who you are right now, and the past is past, it can be hard to let go, it can be really hard to stop thinking about. But I promise you this... Each and everyday will only get better.


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