Not Really There


Everyone around me is talking,
But not to me,
To each other.
They're not even acknowledging that I'm in the room.
That's when I feel invisible,
Not important...

N OT REALLY THERE Does anybody really care ?
O nly one in a crowded room ~ nobody share
T ell me am I invisible ~ Mister Cellophane ?
R ush to the Mens Room ~ look in a mirror
E xpect to see nothing ~ Mister Cellophane
A nd nobody knows my name ! Am I to really
L ive my life alone ~ talking on the fone ?
L iving incognito in a Psychiatric Home ?
Y ES in my brain ~ Im Mister Cellophane !
T here are people all round me ~ they dont
H ear what I say ~ they look right thru me
E veryone ignores me all day ! Invisible Im
R eally a negative pain Mister Cellophane !
E xcept my MUM ~ Because I am her only SON !

Don't look away .
Don't blink.
See me.
I know what it means.
Your silence.
Your deafening silence.
You act like I'm a shadow,
A trick of the light
Out of the corner of your eye.
You don't care.
You don't care that I am here.
That I need you and want you.
But what do you care?
You who have it all.

I stood at the BAR to order a JAR
Entranced by the Barmaid with golden hair
Then she instead pulled a pint for MATE FRED
And her look said YOURE NOT REALLY THERE.
I stood long in the queue at the local ZOO
I wanted to see the POLAR BEAR
To the Man on the till ~ I was frozen and still
And his face said ~ YOURE NOT REALLY THERE
Now I never go out ~ for my best team to shout
A recluse ~ now Im losing my hair
I just sit and think ~ my skin is still pink
Im invisible now ~ a transparent cow
Folk look thru me and say YOURE NOT REALLY THERE

They say,
"She's this," or,"She's that,"
Even though I'm sitting right next to them.
It's as if "she" is my label,
And I don't have a real name...
Sadly, that's what I am to them,
A thing,
Not a human...
Because they think I'm not really there.

OH MADS how I hate it
when folks just talk thru me
just like Im "not really there"
They say hows BRIAN ~ when its
not me their eyein'
O guess its because
Im "not really there"

I understand BRIAN,
I really do.
It's almost TOO hard to go through.
I start to think that I'm truly not there,
I start to think that they won't even care...
Oh, the things we see,
Oh, the things they don't see.

No one is ever really there.
We try,
We want to be there
For others,
For ourselves.
But we can't.
All the hang ups,
All the commitments,
All the things that keep us
Pulled and prodded
In several directions.
How can we ever really
Be there?
Be anywhere?
Be anyone?
I'm not there,
I'm not anywhere.
To be so would be
A dream,
A waking dream
Of another's life.

Her hair was red
For her my love heart bled
I imagined her and I in bed !
HELLO I said
But she didn't even turn her head
She just walked of instead
I'll never have her in my bed
But she's still in my head !
Her hair was red
For her my heart bled.
HELLO I said
But she didn't woo me
She just looked right thru me
She didn't care ~ She acted like

Wish I was there
Drunkenly nestled under a chair
Thoughts of you, flowing hair
Next to you nothing compare.
Where's my steak, medium rare?
Waiters got too much flare.
Tender heart care bear stare.
Like Charlie Manson, I'm not there.... Man.

I walk in a room
No one knows I am there
I speak
No one hears what I say
I am the in the corner
Because everyone has put me there
I am alone
I am sad
In a crowded room
The invisible man

You will never truly exist in this broken society
Filled with desire, people ignore the variety
Pretty your loved, otherwise you're invisible
Even if you're pure, you become a criminal
People are vain and filled with infinite greed
They are corrupt, and will do anything to succeed
They give you broken lies, endless regret
This world will always fall victim to disrespect

I looked at her ~ As she sat in the chair
Magnificent figure ~ a very fine pair !
The look on her face just said ~I don't care
It was like as if ~ that i wasn't there
I was sad because she had such beautiful hair
She was my Dream Girl a Swedish au-pair
I was in despair because of what I was seein'
A Girl made of WAX in the Stockholm Museum

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