#85-I'm Already Dead

My heart hurts so much,

I think it's gonna jump straight outta my chest.

How the Hell did I get into this fucking mess!?

I'm so pathetic,

I just want to die.

They have freedom,

So why can't I?

I'm stuck in a deep, dark hole,

And it's as dark as my soul...

They say that I'm strong,

But I'm barely even holding on.

I'm so tired of it all,

Why won't they just let me fall?

They say that they'll care if I die,

But can't they see it in my eyes?

I'm already dead...



    .OW MADS ~ Another awesome "death wish" poem. I've felt like that when someone special has walked out on me ! Heart hurts ~ pathetic ~ want to die ~ not holding on ~ tired of it all ~ ALREADY DEAD ! I'm so glad you wrote it awhile ago ~ you look lovely in your picture and so so HAPPY. So pleased you are enjoying MPS ~ we all love you ! Yours as ever BRIAN

  • willyweed

    Hold on Mads the sun will shine again! ww

  • abpoet18

    All you gotta do is learn to love yourself

  • JohnThomas

    Wow. It's hard to explain that kind of pain isn't it?

    You are a survivor, you are stronger than you know. And I hope you can build better life out of the ruins of the old.

    Keep strong. Keep the faith.

  • Tony36

    Awesome, Awesome write

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