My Amazing Friend

You have a sweet soul,

And a mind so strong,

I love that you never,

Tell me I'm wrong.


You give me advice,

Listen to my fears,

Help me with decisions,

And quiet my tears.


You have been a great friend,

Though you don't know me well,

I trust you, my Darlin,

That my Secrets you won't tell.


You don't judge my mistakes,

And you help me feel normal,

I can tell you anything,

You're my human journal.


I'm glad we started talking,

I love getting to know you,

You're an amazing man,

I hope you know that too.


You're such a special soul,

And I just can't get enough,

You always make me laugh,

Even of your life is rough.


I'm sorry if I bother you,

If I message you too much,

But know that I care for you,

And I love when our hands touch.


You are perfectly, incredibly amazing,

And I say exactly what I mean,

There's not many guys like you,

You're every woman's dream.





    This is really beautiful PRINCESS ~ thanks for carin' and sharin'. Your Guy is a great role model for all the Men out there who don;t know how to treat a Lady. I fact when i read it again he reminded me of me ! I always treat my Ladies like Princesses and I always act like a Gentleman ~ even in bed ! Yours BRIAN (UK)

    • PrincessPie89

      He is a great friend! Someone I definitely look up to! One of a kind. Not many men left like you and him! I love that you are one of those men! I hope you have yourself a special someone amazing like you!

    • Tony36

      Wonderfully beautiful poem

      • PrincessPie89

        Thank you so much!

        • Tony36


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