Purple Daisy

Now I'm pissed off and

Can't shake this sick cough

Have to show it who's boss

No more Chris soft harden up to lift off

Has everyone around me criss-crossed 

Not knowing my next move has me switching thoughts .


Already paid my dues now time for new boots 

Still the same dude just greatly improved 

Think you know me and Nate you haven't a clue.

Here's one its blue

its mail time 

sitting on the couch pondering what to do

I don't have shit to prove so remember the name Tidwell when we come through

Give respect and stay true or else I'm quick to neglect a few 

Who are you couldn't even tie the laces on my shoes 

Can't take it Sunday morning seeing my face in the pew 

Heavenly father forgive me for my disgrace and all that I do

Sometimes I want to leave this place to be standing next to you

Always stayed true never lied to me you guided me through

So father forgive me for what I've done and what I've yet to do

In Jesus name Amen....

My daughter is what made me a man working stronger and harder yes I am 

Just to hold her hand child support orders wanna kick me to the can

Paying courts and lawyers is all part of the plan 

Do anything for you Dalylah I hope you understand this is where I stand

Your pedastal is next to mine right here in the sand watching waves and planes land

Naming clouds different things gaming and playing 

Having so much fun as long as your staying that's why I keep praying

Hoping one day you'll be laying in my arms I wish your mother no harm

I love her too just dont have enough charm to bring her along

So stay strong babyi know this world might be crazy

Daddy will always protect you please save me purple daisy 


  • SouthernHeartbreak

    Looking forward to comments,critiques


    WELCOME CHRIS ~ Great first poem and a powerful message ! Parents always need to be there for their Kids and the poem tells me (reading between the lines !) that DALYLAH has a great Dad ! Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN

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