#120-Just A Girl

She's just a girl...

A girl who acts tough,

But let's people get a little too rough.

A girl who loves music,

Mostly just James Bay and Coldplay.

A girl who's good at talking shit,

But will cry if you're the one saying it.

A girl who loves her best friend,

But, too often, thinks about how it'll all end.

Not a lot of people know,

All the shit she's going through,

And, sadly, still only a few do.

She's a girl who doesn't believe the compliments she gets,

Because she thinks it's always based on bets.

She's a girl who has lost so much,

And she's scared to even be touched.

She's given up on covering her scars,

And her eyes no longer shine like stars.

The old her is buried deep inside her soul,

And she's just waiting for it all to unfold...


  • JohnThomas

    But I Don't think the shine is all gone from the eyes.
    As long as you are looking forward, there is hope. It can't rain all the time.

  • Tony36

    Awesome both poem and picture


    You are so so beautiful ANGEL ~ thanks for sharing such a wistful photo ! You have so many Friends on MPS ~ supportin' you ~ thinkin' of you and prayin' for you. We lift you up on to higher ground. I love the truth and the angst in every line ~ BUT ~ my experience is YOU CAN PUT THE PAST BEHIND YOU ~ You can lift your beautiful head up and face the future with love joy and confidence. We all love you ~ just reach put ~ we are right by your side. Love BRIAN Please check my latest poem EBONY GIRL ~ THANKS ~ Love as always BRIAN

  • calbreezy

    I feel in somewhat the same, this was a great piece, and it clearly means alot

  • willyweed

    the sun will shine again, very well expressed! ww

  • Amal

    love it, well written and life changes all the time always look up.

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