First Love

It was hard for me to love,
Love someone just like you,
We were just two different people
Going to the same school.
It started from hate concealed deep in the mind of a young girl,
Turned into a hopeful admiration
Buried deeps in the minds of the sea
I never thought you'd be the one to meet my every need
I still remember the new kindred spirit that you showed only to me
I gave you everything,
Every single part of me,
From love to hope to endless loyalty
But all in the same all you did was lie and cheat
I thought about this endlessly and times lessened for me
The more you lied, the more I cried, my tears they never dried,
They stayed the same while you ran your game and accusations got denied
Is this love?
Is the betrayal?
Everyday I say the same.
How can I love with this constant memory of shit that'll never change.



    Thanks for sharing SC ~ a great topic FIRST LOVE and a great opening poem. Unfortunately because you had no friends ~ non of us could add and now after 18 days it has bee timd out ~ OK My poem would have been ..........

    My First Love was not my last love ~ She was not even my best love ! ~ But when she opened her heart ~ And her body to me ~ I became a Man and my life ~ Was in a new dimension ~ I will always love MY FIRST LOVE ~ FOREVER ! Love BRIAN (UK)

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