Not so Silent nights


Silent night crime is violent right
Anyday someone can end your life
Being initiated into a gang
Maybe they just got a bad vibe
No please don't shoot their heart sang
Everyday journey are you prepared to ride

In the UK ~ unlike the USA
Firearms are banned ~ guns are not glammed !
Our UK streets are safer in the Night
But many carry knives ~ for flight or fight
Better to get stabbed Than with a big gun jabbed
Our UK Streets are safer in the Night !
Depends who you run with ~ some gangs are all right
Knuckle duster (pewter) is safer than a shooter
Our UK streets are safer in the Night.
Trump praises urban gunman - dictum of the RIGHT
Hillary wants to pan them wants to BAN them !
Making the US Cities much safer in the night

The crickets are chirping,
The lights are all off,
But it isn't completely silent...
Inside my head,
The lights are still on,
And I'm screaming,
Yet no one can hear me.
Guns and knives are everywhere,
Here in the USA.
Especially at night,
You're never really okay.
All the noises you will hear,
You should always hide, my dear.
Here in the USA,
You're never really safe,
And there's nothing you can say,
Because for years,
It's always been that way...

The voices in my head
Keep me up at night
Telling me all the things
I didn't do right
All my mistakes
All my woe
I wish they's shut up
And let me sleep once more

I fell asleep listening to the voices
In my dying dreams I fell victim to my own poison
They tried to tell me but I was too ignorant
I wouldn't listen to anything but my arrogance
It's too late to change my mistakes
I simply bear the burden of endless hate
It's a vicious cycle of broken hearts
And I was the first to shatter apart

  • Authors: Christopher Tidwell (Pseudonym), BRIANSODES, Mads, Tony36, P.X. Vexxus
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