A Fusion of Darkness

P.X. Vexxus

He stands within the darkness of the decaying storm
Feeling the raw power of nature as it devours his form
He is a frozen statue, bound to a world of broken force
The crimes of humanity lie before him like shattered quartz

D ARKNESS is a time for Ghosts and Goulies
A time when Evil Spirits are out all around
R ound & round you see them where the fool is
K inky boots and clothes and kinky sounds !
N o Wise Man ever ventures in the darkness
E ach one knows ~ the dangers of the night
S pirits strike and we are rendered powerless
S aints and Sacred ones are put to flight !

The darkness of the world is strong
Sometimes there seems to be no hope
The world is falling into a pit
The world is falling apart
There is no light
All is dark

As the rain falls,
So do my tears.
As the train roars,
So do my fears.
As the glass breaks,
So does my heart.
And as darkness comes,
I begin to fall apart.

  • Authors: P.X. Vexxus, BRIANSODES, Tony36, Mads
  • Visible: All lines
  • Finished: September 16th, 2016 20:30
  • Limit: 15 stanzas
  • Invited: Public (any user can participate)
  • Comment from author about the poem: It doesn't need to be a continuation of what is written. Just let the darkness escape from within you. Each user gets 1 stanza. Let's gather the darkness together!
  • Category: Unclassified
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