P E N E L O P E 


P ERFECTION in every way possible

E xcellent in her appearance and manners

N one other of the Ladies I knew could

E ven come close to her Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit

L adies like Penelope are as rare & precious as Emeralds

O ne day she told me the sad news ~ her Family are

P reparing to leave England to live abroad and are

E migrating to AUSTRALIA ! God I wish I was a KANGAROO ! 


Thanks for reading ~ comments welcome ~ Love to all BRIAN XOX


This happened to me when I was 20 she was 17 ~ I'm still recovering

Has anything like this ever happened to you ? Australia is on another Planet !


  • Tony36

    Great write


      THANKS TONY ~ MPS is a wonderful site and it enables us to share our experiences in poetry ~ BRIAN

      • Tony36

        I agree MSP is Awesome, welcome

      • avigail

        nothing can stop you for finding your love. be flexible, creative and with humour
        hugs and love

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          YES INDEED AVI ~ Love is all around ~ Hugs and Love ~ BRIAN

        • rrodriguez

          Very nice! The end is hilarious. A kangaroo, really?

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Or perhaps a SHEEP they outnumber the MEN ~ but Kangas are more attractive ~ and better JUMPERS ! Thanks BRIAN

          • Emilyeaton101

            Wow! Your work is outstanding Brain, can't wait to read more! your very talented.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks EMILY ~ Loved your poem too. MPS is a fantastic site and it's all about carin' an' sharin; ~ Yours BRIAN Latest poem is ~ POETRY IS ........? Thanks B

            • FruitfulSpirit

              Omg Simply beautiful yet a little sad too.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                That is true ANGEL ~ she was very special ~ who knows and I'm still single @ 33 ! Love you BRIAN

              • SoFull ofClarity

                Lovely! I enjoyed the word play, keeping her name at the forefront of her description. A little whimsical at the end (pleasant surprise)..

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks SFOC ~ there should always be a sting in the tail ! Acrostics are lovely poems because ~ as you say ~ they always ameloprate the title. Yours BRIAN

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