P O E T R Y IS ................. ?

Poetry's from the Heart and not the Head

Poetry lets you say things ~ better left unsaid

Poetry is sweet nothings ~ snuggled up in bed


Poetry is an art-form no one should refuse

Poetry's the best cure for the Blues

Poetry's not rational ~ mystic movement of one's muse


Poetry's is folk lore from the distant past

Poetry is rapping ~ incoherent much to fast

Poetry's eternal designed to last and last


Poetry is words ~ apposite to Season

Poetry is timeless ~ devoid of meter rhyme or reason

Poetry deemed "modern" is to the Purists TREASON !


Poetry is yours and poetry is mine

Poetry's spontaneous ~ explosive line by line

Poetry's meant to be enjoyed not dissected and untwined


The moving hand doth write

and having writ moves on

Nor all thy piety and wit

can lure it back to cancel half a line

Nor all thy tears wash our a word of it

So don't give a bugger what other people think

Just write and always lubricate ~ your poem with a DRINK


Thanks for reading ~ comments welcome ~ Love & Peace BRIAN XOX


Even though I write (and publish) Classical styles of Poetry ~ I am a

Free Spirit and I can't stand people who carp and criticise other poets

for 6 ~ 8 ~ 4 Haiku ~ Sonnets with 16 lines and too many "half rhymes".

Personally I see BEAUTY & VALUE in all poetry and always ENCOURAGE !



  • P.X. Vexxus

    I like your rebellious nature lol thanks for sharing


      Thanks DILLAN ~ Poetry always benefits from a little rebellion ~ BRIAN

      • P.X. Vexxus

        Hmm...I think I wrote a poem about rebellion...

      • petec

        Right on brother, write on!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Tnanks PETEC wriiiiiiiiiiiiiite on indeed ! BRIAN

        • Jeff

          Very well said...great poem

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks JEFF ~ pleased it rang your bell ~ BRIAN

          • lysistrata

            "You can't stand people who carp and criticise other poets?"

            Right! That's the reason WE are NOT Friends.
            I am who I am & You are who You are...🙅I want my Friends to develop & become Better...👌

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              THANKS LYSI ~ i APPRECIATE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING ! But both of us have to accept that in MODERN POETRY ~ There areno rules ~ no rhyme ~ no meter ~ no grammar ~ no standard spelling etc ~ but it is still accepted as POETRY. However if someone says their poem is a HAIKU ~ I would expect it (in English) to be 5~7~5 and be about Nature and the Seasons etc and I would point it out if ity deviated from that ~ OK The same goes for Sonnets & Villanelles etc ~ this is the sacred ground of Classical Poetry which you and I understand but most people posting on MPS don't ! Poets are very sensitive and when and where I have questioned ~ meter ~ rhyme pattern etc they have got upset and stopped posting so now I just try to encourage and comment gently and constructively on the STRUCTURE and praise the SUBJECT ! I encourage all my Friends on MPS to try Acrostics ~ Haiku ~ Sonnets etc and some of them do ~ but i always encourage ~ I find your remarks quite gentle you are NOT a CARPER or a NEGATIVE CRITISISER you are a Positive Encourager and "Teacher" and I respect you for that ~ OK. Yours BRIAN

            • Tony36

              Awesome write, write on my friend

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks TONY ~ you are a Blessing ~ BRIAN

                • Tony36


                • FruitfulSpirit

                  I have not found one of your poems that i have not yet enjoyed or liked. Absolutely astonishing.

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks SWEETHEART ~ You are Lovely and always an encouragement ~ God Bless ~ Love & Hugs ~ BRIAN

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