Push and Pull

This feels like a never ending cycle
That I will keep being stuck in the same places I was yesterday
It feels insane the pain inside that keeps tearing at my soul
I don't know if I will ever reach these goals
The goals I make to become better
But it feels better for a minute then something comes up and changes the moment
Something that makes me feel as if things will never change
Man I'm tired of these push and pull factors of my life
But I refuse to give up
I'm going to keep going til I can't go any more 💓


  • petec

    I can really relate. Thank you for sharing.

    • Mae_26

      Thanks so much

    • Jeff

      Excellent work here....never give up

      • Mae_26

        I really appreciate it

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        WELCOME MAE ~ Thanks for a well written and well presented poem. We all love to be upwardly mobile at a great rate ! Even a slow rate is better than being static ! However none of us wants to go backwards ! Yours BRIAN

        • Mae_26

          Thanks so much i appreciate the feedback

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