I'm 33 this week ~ what have I accomplished ?

A degree in Science ~ and a few hundred poems.

I'm only one third through my life so I will report 

Again when I'm 66 and 99 and let you know !

33 A CROSS is not a crossword puzzle clue

It is the age of crucifixion in AD 33 of a 

Very remarkable Man ~ JESUS BARJOSEPH !

He was born in an obscure Village and for 30 years

Worked in his Dad's Carpentry Shop in Nazareth.

For the next three years he was an Itinerant Preacher

He never wrote a Book ~ owned a Home ~ went to College

Raised a Family ~ his only credentials were ~ HIMSELF.

His Friends rejected him and he was condemned to death

for Religious Treason ~ He claimed to be The SON of GOD

He was despised and rejected and died between two THIEVES !

2000 yers later he is the Head of a Church of 3 billion members

And more books have been written about Him than anybody else.

All the Prestigious Universities have faculties devoted to His

Life and Teachings. He has had more influence on the lives of Men

Than all the Rulers and Parliaments on Earth !

Indeed this Man ~ Jesus of Nazareth ~ is the SON of GOD ~ AMEN


Thanks for reading ~ Comments welcome ~ Love to all BRIAN XOX 



  • P.X. Vexxus

    Happy birthday!


      Thanks DILLAN ~ much appreciated ~ BRIAN

    • Tony36

      Happy Birthday Great write

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        THANKS ~ JESUS ~ The greatest Man who ever liveth ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN

        • Tony36

          Amen to that

        • dmr90

          Happy Birthday! Great writing, great talent. Have a good day! Keep on writing.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks DMR ~ pleased you liked it ~ BRIAN

          • lysistrata


            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks LYSI a gerat trilogy to live ones life by/ Eat to live physically ~ Pray to life Spiritually ~ Love because we were born to love and the greatest of these is LOVE ~ Yours BRIAN

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