Painful Memory

I never will forget the day

my world came crashing down

It happened out on highway 6

just right outside of town


My wife and I were headed home

after dinner and a show

When a truck who crossed the center line

gave me nowhere else to go


When I hit the ditch doing 65

all I heard was Tammy scream

Everything around me slowed

like I'd stepped into a dream


We must have rolled at least 6 times

though I'm sure that it was more

Then I asked my wife if she was hurt

as I opened up my door


If she answered me I couldn't hear

for the ringing in my head

So I came around to check on her

and realized she was dead


It'll be a year tomorrow

when my life came to an end

I not only lost my wife that day

but also my best friend


But tonight we'll be as one again

of this I have no doubt

As I place her picture on my chest

and the barrel in my mouth


My final thoughts upon this earth

will be of the only love I found

Because I never could forget the day

my world came crashing down



    A very tough poem JEFF ~ we all face the tragedy of DEATH in our extended Families. But as you know SUICIDE is NOT the answer but we need to live ~ twice as effectively ~ to comensate for those who have been called home. Thanks for sharing a very poignant poem which I trust is not factual ~ BRIAN. Please check my latest poem TEN TRAITS TO LIVE BY ~ Thanks B

  • Jeff

    Unfortunately it is a true story. Its been 17 years and I STILL have trouble with it....but thanks for your time to comment

    • coryjarbeau

      This is the most touching poem I have ever read and I am truly sorry for you loss Jeff 😞 I really am

      • Jeff

        I appreciate your time to certainly means alot to me.

      • Tony36

        Wonderful write,

        • Jeff

          Thank you Tony

        • Augustus

          Powerful. Reassured to see one of your replies today. Reads well.

          • Jeff

            Thank you for your time to comment....I really appreciate it

          • ron parrish aka wordman

            no one knows when tragedy will hit,and no one is ever ready for it.
            a poet on another site had his whole family killed,he was at work someone broke in and killed them all

            • Jeff

              Life is so fragile.....thanks for your time to comment. I really appreciate it

            • petec

              Very emotional. I've lost people close to me too and have also found a way to keep on. Writing certainly helps. Forever your fan.

              • Jeff

                Thank you for your comment

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