The Ladder


The fire that ran through my veins

Was doused in an icy rain

The golden fire

That caused desire

And motivation

To do something worth doing

To live the life

Without the strife

Of pain and darkness

But without this

I fear I'll lose the feeling of living

So I slice open my skin

With blades of steel and an unforgiving-


In lateral lines

Like wrungs on a ladder

There are so many times

I've almost ascended to that cold harsh place-


  • Author: onyxowl333 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 11th, 2016 12:17
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    WELCOME ONYXOWL (intriguing name ~ I have one I bought in Puebla) I am intrrigued by poems about self-harm and cutting and I have seen incidents (I am a College Councilor) where it did resemble a ladder. It is mostly Female students who "cut" and there are always "reasons" which can often be resolved. Despite the subject of your poem ~ quenched desire ~ self harm ~ longing for DEATH ~ the structure is elegant ! Beautifully spaced lines and pulsating with rhyme and rhythm ~ more please ~ Thanks for sharing what I trust is just a cri du coeur ! Yours BRIAN.

  • Augustus

    Can't say it any better than Briansodes.

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