My throat is dry and my brain is numb,

and I'm not good with words

but your eyes make me a poet

and your smile warms my skin

your touch is fire but

somehow you're still cold.

How could I see in technicolor at the mention of your name?

Why does your voice fill my mind with words?

And I love the though of this,

I love your mind

and I try but this love is one sided.

Daydreaming of you and your affection. 




  • lovedud

    Beautifully worded and a very passionate poem. Great write!

  • Tony36

    Beautiful write

  • ebbsmillz

    Thank you both so much, I really appreciate the feedback.

  • Jeff

    Very well done....Great write


    WELCOME EBBS ~ A beautifully crafted first poem in "free verse" but throbbing with rhythm and desire. The theme of your Poem rings a bell with most of us Men ! The Lady of our Dreams ~ adorable but unobtainable ~ one sided LOVE ! Thanks for sharing ~ more please. Please check my poems ~ Thanks BRIAN

  • Augustus

    Been there. It hurts. Nicely put.

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