The Machine



The Mechine is growing

The mechine is strong


What is the machine you ask

The machine is anyone or anything

That tries to strip us from who we are

Who we are as a people

Who we are as individuals

Who we are as the Human race


The machine is emotionless

The machine is cold

Wanting all in perfect order

Wanting all to fall in line

To think as one

To move as one

To be stripped of our very core of being


The machine demands order

Anyone who does not comply is shot


Stripped of who we are

Moving like robots and cyborgs

All for the collective

The individual is lost


The machine will find you

Once it does

It will destroy you

Or tag you

To be part of the system





Just going through the motions

Following orders

Never caring

Never loving

Never an individual again


The machine owns you

You have no choice

The machine tags you

You become a part of the system


They tell you how to act

They tell you what to wear

They tell you who to hang out with

They tell you


The machine knows how to use the media

As well as peer pressure

To get you to do what they want


They use these outlets

To Control you

To draw you in

To strip you of who you truly are



There is hope

There is light

Within the dim coldness

There are those who dare to defy

There are those who stand against the machine

They know they are fighting a loosing battle

They fight anyway


They fight for individuality

They fight for free thinking

The fight to free those already taken captive

They fight to not become captives themselves

They fight for the human race


Though they know it is a lost battle

They fight anyway

For there is always hope

To keep the individual person alive

To sound a voice

To release a cry

To let the machine know

They can't have them all


They wave their signs

While standing in picket lines


Down with the machine

Down with the oppression


They march

They protest

Against the tyranny upon the land


They fight for their rights

As well As

The rights of those around them


Knowing full well

That they make themselves targets

Targets for the machine to hunt down

Targets for the machine to capture


Destroy you



They rage war against the machine

They rage war against the falsehood

That has become truth


Some have been jailed

Some have been hunted down and executed

All for standing up for what they believe

Standing up for their rights


Each one

Fighting against the oppression that surrounds them

Fighting to be free

Fighting to dismantle



No matter how many they lose

They still fight

Fight not just for themselves

Not just for those they love

But for the entire human race


The machine finds the rebels

Then the machine destroys them

One by one

The rebels fall

One by one

The machine gains ground


Still the rebels fight


If the machine wins

The human race is over

All will be turned into



Of one mind

In the collective





    Thanks you TONY ~ This is a perfect description of how the THIRD REICH operated in EUROPE from 1933 to 1945. They made a lot of mistakes but their biggest one was seeking to EXTERMINATE the JEWISH NATION from the face of the Earth. That was too much for GOD and slowly but surely He eradicated Hitler and the Nazi Party from the face of the Earth. The HUMAN RACE is created in the IMAGE of GOD and it the Machine tries to mould Man to his image ~ GOD will step in and destroy it as He did the Third Reich ~ OK. Thanks for your warning ~ BRIAN

  • Tony36

    Thank you

  • Augustus

    Power corrupts.

    • Tony36

      Yes it does

    • Jonathansmessage

      Amen man, we all have to capture the thing called free thinking. A lot of people don't see the truth so the select few that do are here to help. I respect this writing fully.

      • Tony36

        Thank you

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