Don't Breathe



Maybe it's because this

Pain in my chest can't be fixed with harness

I'm doing my best trying to hold it together

But time and time again 

One can get fed up

So I get dressed up

And go to parties

Find a dozen women to sleep with

Who love me for my money and my lucid ferraris

But when I come home alone again I am closely guarded

To the point where no light can shine in I'm talkin starry 

And who is this to blame

Me or you because I can't find you with me or find my name

You're too far away in love with the game

So you leave this stain

And I'm underwater 

Don't breathe or your dead


  • Author: Bookbag (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 12th, 2016 20:59
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 83
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  • Augustus

    I see it as finding and knowing yourself. You are not incomplete without another. I take it you feel like you are drowning. I was working hard to make sense of this. I know that I struggle with parts of poems that are unclear as to their meaning but in an odd way make sense, but only to me because I was there. Keep on writing.


    WELCOME BB GREAT FIRST POEM ! True Love is elusive and so often (I'm 33 and still single !) we have to make do with a "come and go" series of ephemeral relationships. I know what you mean about "breathing underwater" I did it once and had to be "pumped out". I would like to marry my current GF (Christine 28) so hope springs eternal ~ Yours BRIAN Please check my poems ~ Thanks B

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