The invitation.


The invitation.

Shadows stretch their inquisitive fingers,
Swell of hip, carved alabaster,
Curve of thigh, sweet promise within.
Salt lake within that exquisite cavern.

I turn my head...My eyes meet his- watchful, languid with desire.
A hand brushes my breast, hesitant at first,
Light as moth wings, teasing,
This vessel that invites a passenger.

My lips are parted and his tongue seeks entry,
Eager - insistent.
Determined to taste the spoils of another,
My body a continent ripe for exploration.

I cast my eyes once again to the object of my love,
The one who has set me free.
Wild woman on horseback drunk with carefree abandon.
My freedom his aphrodisiac.

His soul meets mine and I am lost.
My lover forgotten...resented..His hands now an unwelcome invasion.
His presence in stark contrast to the One....
I sigh.. At peace...Content...Our journey is just beginning....










  • Author: Camille (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 13th, 2016 07:41
  • Category: Erotic
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    This is beautiful CAMILLE and of itself ~ libido raising ~ Thank you for caring and sharing. As always a beautifully crafted poem with an equally sensuous message. Making Love is always a journey and you describe it perfectly ! The perfection and sensuality of the female form ~ inside and out ~ the touch the kisses ........... "My body a continent ripe for exploration" ~ I love that. My freedom is his aphrodisiac ~ I sigh ~ our journey is just beginning ~ so so erotic. I love making love to a sensually mature woman ~ so slow ~ so so deep ~ so so so satisfying a Journey which involves all our senses ! I love you Camille ~ BRIAN XOX

  • camille

    Thanks Brian x

  • lysistrata

    I know that when you publish a Poem,you have spend time and have paid Attention to detail...and you are one of the few that I enjoy reading...and Brian is a J...k with his comment,but you are polite...😉

  • camille

    thank you .. I appreciate your comments .. As for Brian.. Was a genuine response to what was , after all an erotic and suggestive poem xx

  • Tony36

    Beautifully crafted write

    • camille

      Thank you 😊

      • Tony36


      • Augustus

        "Continent to explore". This must be about Christopher Columbus or Marco Polo. Right?
        Just teasing. Marked as a favorite.

      • camille

        Thank you

      • Emile Dubois

        Got to have Gaia now.
        If mother earth was ever incarnated I'm sure this is how she'd appear, the sweet vision of a flower opening to the world, giving herself completely without fear, guilt or trepidation. The bees gather her nectar under a cloak of darkness, the light emitting from within, she yields to everything making men weak in her presence, she is a goddess in waiting, her beauty is her openness. Heart stopping eroticism yet juxtaposed with pure innocence.

        • camille

          Thank you Emile X

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