Everyone has a story or something to share...

Queen Ali

I remember the days when i was happy and joyful when i didn't have a single care in the world about life nor death. When i smiled every minute and laughed every second, when i use to look at the stars in the night sky and just let my dreams flow... But one day all of that changed the fire that use too burn inside of me started to die out and i stared to become cold and numb to the world and everything in it. It felt as if i was slowly dying my life was never the same nothing about me was the same my laugh, my smile, my heart, the way i looked wasn't even the same. I use to have big brown eyes that shinned when the sun hit them, a big smile that was always on my face no matter what happened, soft smooth pink lips that use to give the most sweetest kisses and soft light brown skin that people use to love to touch. But all of those things changed when i look in the mirror that sits on the other side of my room at 5am before the sun met the sky and before anyone in my house woke up, i stood there looking at a girl that no longer looked like me this girl that i saw in the mirror is what i tried so hard to find from the outside world. I tried to hide her deep down inside, but now she's out and she have destroyed everything i worked so hard to build to make sure that she never showed who i truly was. Tell me something, can you hear me screaming? can you see me crying? Please someone help me im drowning and i cant breath. That mirror showed the truth behind all of the lies that i tried so hard to keep up. 

Everyone haves a story to share...so here's mine. 

  • Author: Queen Ali (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 14th, 2016 15:11
  • Comment from author about the poem: This piece really means a lot to me, im suffering from depression and anxiety & writing is the only thing that helps me. So please if you leave a comment please let it be positive. Thank you.
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  • taylerdk21

    wow. this is really deep and very relatable. it's not something everyone is willing to admit so freely.

    • Queen Ali

      thank you so much
      and i know but hey everyone haves a story to tell and im willing to share mine

      • taylerdk21

        and it was a very lovely yet sad story

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        HI QUEEN ~ Your story is so so sad ~ I'm thinkin' of you and prayin' for you 24/7. There are lots of cool people on MPS and most of us have experienced depression in some form or another. You sounded lovely before this hit you. Beautiful ~ kissable ~ tactile ~ a big smile and eyes to drown in ~ A QUEEN ! That was how GOD created you to shed love ~ joy and peace wherever you went. WHAT HAPPENED ? Can you get back to bein' the Happy Brown Skin Queen again? I hear you screamin' and cryin' and wantin' to be back just how you where ! SO I'm prayin' 24/7 GOD please rel;ease the Beautiful Girl ~ Queen ALI ~ from her depression and RESTORE HER SOUL ~ AMEN ~ Love BRIAN (UK~33).

      • Tony36

        Sad but a great write

      • DamilareBizBoss

        Every single person on the planet has a story, don’t judge people before you truly know them, the truth might surprise you. you so sound deep and i can feel the pains but even in our weakest moments in life we still need to try as much as possible to get a bit stronger cause I believe its during the darkest moments one must focus to see the light.

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