Happy Birthday

happy birthday

20 years have past,

You grew up so fast!

how do you spend your day of joy,

When you were a kid, it was spent with a new toy.

But today, you are grown

And this will be the loneliest birthday you have known 

Friends will text, and they will call,

But in your room you ignore them all.

This day was planned to be happy,

Spent with a person you love, all sappy.

Too bad that person, doesn't love you back.

This will be the loneliest birthday you have known.




    WELCOME GHOST ~ Thanks for a well penned first poem but with a sting in the tail ! Love rhyming couplets they give a poem rhyme and rhythm ! In my experience (I'm 33) Birthdays spent after a break-up are the worst of times ! Yours BRIAN. Please check my poem You'll Never Walk Alone ~ thanks B

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