The Ice Queen's Lover

The Dyslexic Poet

The benefit of the doubt I gave to you yes,
As I hold up my hair and you zip up my dress.

Your collar looks tight or is it a twitch,
As you pull on the thought of you and that witch. 

I lean t'wards the mirror no more filled with dread, For this lipstick is warpaint my banner of red.

I'm out on the hunt for vengeance tonight,
The big family meal will serve me just right.

Cutting up slices of your innocent pie,
With her in the room lets see how you try.

Your 'sweetness' now bitter ash in your mouth,
My head held up high as yours falls down south. 

You never where a man on your knees,
You crumble and slobber 'I'll leave this with ease'.

You tug at my clothing like a puppy astray,
I look down on you sneering 'your no man today'.

At home in seeps the sad and despair,
The ice queen is born as her hearts in a snare.

  • Author: The Dyslexic Poet (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 16th, 2016 00:30
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem is open to interpretation, it's about betrayal, sorrow, love, anger, hatred, lack of forgiveness, but mostly about seeing the pain behind the evil..
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    WOW ~ ICE QUEEN ~ This dynamic poem convinces me more than ever that in "making love" the Female always has the Upper Hand. It's all a matter of BIOLOGY and PHYSIOLOGY because my experience is that Females can ORGASM continuously where as "normal" Men are one-trick-ponies. Hence "I'll leave this one with ease" and "your no man today".. There is much more I could add ! I love ICE QUEENS ~ but you are very very hard to satisfy ! Thanks for sharing ~ LOVE BRIAN

  • Augustus

    Another terrific poem I enjoyed reading. I love the 'sweetness now bitter ash'.

  • The Dyslexic Poet

    Thanks guys xx

  • Tony36

    Wonderfully written poem loved it

  • The Dyslexic Poet

    Thanks Tony x

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