The Dyslexic Poet

Letting go

You loved me once, a red hot passionate type of love. And now what do you think when you look at me? Our love brought nations to tears, and made piece with all men. Put squabbles to rest. They wrote their love songs about our type of love, based their stories of Juliet's and Romeo's with happy endings. Don't turn your face away now. My heart yearns tossing and turning like a mad man in his chains. Clanking the tune of his misfortune through the empty passageways of the darkest dungeons, falling on deaf ears. Trying to find an ember a spark, something to keep the fire alive, torrential rain on every turn. I run shielding the dim flicker from the elements that threaten its life. But you don't run, you don't walk, you just stare on as the flame dies and the smoke curls toward the heaven, you look across to me, sat on the courtyard wall, rain dripping from your face, pain in your eyes, and plead without saying a word for me to give it up. I fall to my knees still clutching the candle, sobbing, dripping with rain and tears, shivering as my dress clings to me. I hold out my hands offering the flame to the elements, it struggles and wheezes and dims and dies, I look up as up in smoke, we go poof, and we're done. I stand and turn never looking back, I step and step till your gone from me.



    Ohhhhhhhhhh ANGEL ~ This is such a sad prose ~ poem from such a sad but beautiful Lady ! I'm 33 (still single !) so I have experienced "lost love" that i thought would last forever. When I (sadly) let go of Love it takes time to recover and in some cases the hurt lasts forever ! Thanks for caring and sharing I helps us all to understand the angst of LETTING GO ! Love BRIAN. Please check my latest poems ~ Thanks B

  • Tony36

    Beautiful write

  • Augustus

    I took this from a different angle not love of man/woman but for mankind and our nations are in deep do do for the lack thereof. Enjoyed.

  • The Dyslexic Poet

    Thanks guys glad you liked it X

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