I'm here

My smile so bright. Cheekbones high as mountains. Standing at 5'4 but prideful as a lion. Courageous as a soaring eagle. My tongue so quiet, but my words so honest. My slim body so loud turning heads and dropping jaws. I was never curvy, no butt, no breast. My attitude as shady as they come. But under all of that no one never met Jade. So sweet and caring with the biggest heart none have ever seen. I was used and abused when Jizzel left. A heart full of gold. A body worth a ton of gold, damaged by thoughts of lust and actions unforgiven. My scars run so deep that my insecurities scream I'M HERE !!


  • Augustus

    I can see the young you in this concisely written piece, full of contradictions: confidence and pride, uncertainty and timidity.

    • King.Jade808

      Thanks. It means a lot.


      WELCOME JADE ~ Thanks for sharing a great prose~poem. You sound lovely in your young persona ~ sassy and big hearted ! Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a Man ~ when i hear of how their lust and actions causes so much long lasting damage to lovely Young Ladies like you. Thanks for sharing ~ Love BRIAN

      • King.Jade808

        Thanks for the comment it means a lot

      • Tony36

        Beautiful write

        • King.Jade808

          Thank you.

          • Tony36


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