God has sent me an Angel of Love
To make me much more loving
An Angel sent from Heaven above
My style of love improving
Be more gentle my Angel said
Cherish your Lady with TLC
Love with your heart and not your head
Share in love's mystery
Love her each day in every way
A kiss a touch a whisper
Respond to her love in what you say
Your words of love are a vesper
My Angel of Love ~ from Heaven above
Has made me more in love with my Honey
I caress her with a velvet glove
And I cuddle her like a BUNNY !
GOD send us Angels for all kinds of reasons
Have you encountered an Angel ? Please share.

Angel of Love from above,
Allows me to glide and shine,
With no sense of space and time,
I find this angel to be mine.

I love all the ANGELS of CARE
These wonderful Angels are everywhere
Caring for me and caring for you
Caring Guardian Angels all the World through
And When my condition medical ~ much worse is
GOD send Caring Angels dressed up as NURSES
All the Nurses I have known really are ANGELS

For the longest time I did not really believe
But Sylvia Browne got me captivated with her books
I read them all
Angels exist, I know for certain now
There are 9 Phyla of them to be exact
I called upon them once to come take the evil away
and within minutes, they arrived
I could see their wingtips glistening in the tree tops
I was amazed
The evil that thrived was erased
Hauled off
Taken back to Hell
Now I know they are there for me
and I communicate with them often
They are not the souls of the departed
They have always lived in another realm
Working for God
I find it odd when people think that their loved ones become them
They don't
Humans will never be angels
They must be respected for what they are in truth
Read Sylvia Brownes book on Angels
Its all the proof you will ever need

We all have knowledge from College and Books
People bursting with know how ~ wherever one looks
Some Preachers ~ some Teachers ~ some of them Crooks
We all need knowledge and something more
To help us achieve to help us to score
WISDOMs the word that Im looking for !
The ANGEL of WISDOM sent down from GOD
Will transform me to WISEMAN instead of a Clod
So forget your degrees and your PhDs let the
Angel of Wisdom give your dull brain a prod
SOLOMON chose Wisdom rather than Riches ~ AMEN

Angels are software of the Creator
they execute their mission with precise navigator.
Call the angel you need with calmed mind and focus
s/he will appear right away like a hocus pocus
be clear what you wish for, and let her/him know.
sooner than later, reality will show.

  • Authors: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym), daniel dawes, LIGHT WARRIOR, AVIGAIL
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  • Finished: September 19th, 2016 10:10
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  • Comment from author about the poem: ANGELS are all around us ~ to guide us and protect us in a very complex and often evil World. In Aspects of Love Men are from Mars and Ladies are from Venus. This is why Men often rush into Love when Ladies respond much better to a slower and gentle approach. That is what my Angel taught me. There are Angels of PEACE ~ Angels of HAPPINESS ~ Angels of UNDERSTANDING ~ Angels of COMPASSION ~ what Angels have you encountered. Love to all BRIAN XOX
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  • moonlightdancers

    how do I join in?


      Thanks for your Q MLD ~ It was only set for six stanzas You can start another FUSION POEM on Angels and the I will add one for you ~ Yours BRIAN Angels are Awesome ~ OK

      • Bookbag

        Got no angels
        Got no angels
        See I stand here on this earth at an angle
        On the edge so I dangle
        As for us maybe I just need new lingo
        Got too much pride for these barricaded wings
        I know I'll fly one day but I'm waiting for mine to sing
        By mine I mean my Angel who don't come with wings
        She thinks I'm playing with her when I say she everything
        All the joy her love brings
        When she's not angry
        I know faith is a risk
        And your eyes weary
        But I'm just asking can you hear me
        This isn't a term paper I don't got a theory
        I just like you dearly

      • FruitfulSpirit

        Magnificent. Inspirational

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