Let's have a laugh


Make me laugh so hard
I feel like busting a gut
My eyes tear up, my face turns red
Make me laugh so hard
I sound like a braying mule
I can't see straight nor walk straight

Last night we all went to the CAFF
Slow service ~ they was short of STAFF
So we banged on the table ~ avin a LAFF
The beans on toast took an hour an a HAFF
At least the wine came in a CARAFF
She was tall an thin neck like a GIRAFF
We all walked out cos the food was NAFF
WE played tag down the road ~ avin a LAFF
Then I took my Girl ome an made luff in the BAFF
This poem is ritten with FANATICAL spellin !

Watching you laugh and laugh so very very hard
Mirth unbridled, deep and and very very loud
Wondering if indeed I could be your own very Bard
Forever keep your neck from being very very bowed
But always joyously extended laughing and laughing so very hard

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  • Finished: September 22nd, 2016 15:17
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Let's try something silly, we all like a good laugh, so share your laugh with me. Just be silly and funny
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  • Andrew Guzaldo

    Entertaining and well written..

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